SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session BSP-2

DCB Best Student Presentation: Mimi A.R. Koehl and Steven Wainwright Award; Gans Award Address
Day: Sun Jan 3 - 16:30-20:00 Chairs: Stacey Combes

BSP-216:30 BSP-2-1 Harada, N*; Oura, T; Maeda, M; Shen, Y; Kikuchi, DM; Tanaka, HKinematics and hydrodynamics analyses of flapping-wing swimming in a penguin 
BSP-216:45 BSP-2-2 Ross, SA*; Dominguez, S; Nigam, N; Wakeling, JMThe effects of skeletal muscle size on the tissue energy distribution and work output of 3D muscle during cyclic contractions 
BSP-217:00 BSP-2-3 Cellini, B*; Mongeau, J-MThe critical influence of head movements on wing steering responses in fly flight 
BSP-217:15 BSP-2-4 Jimenez, YE*; Marsh, RL; Brainerd, ELA biomechanical paradox in the dual-function axial musculature of fish 
BSP-217:30 BSP-2-5 Lapsansky, AB*; Tobalske, BWAquatic locomotion in non-aquatic birds and the secondary evolution of subsurface swimming 
BSP-217:45 BSP-2-6 Salem, W*; Mongeau, JMFlying in an uncertain world: system identification of flight performance following wing damage in fruit flies 
BSP-218:00 BSP-2-7 Crawford, CH*; Cerrato-Moralse, CL; Webber-Schultz, AC; Hart, PB; Randall, ZS; Chakrabarty, P; Page, LM; Suvarnaraksha, A; Flammang, BEKinematics of terrestrial walking in balitorid loaches 
BSP-218:15 BSP-2-8 Manafzadeh, AR*; Gatesy, SMAll six degrees of freedom are essential to reconstructions of articular function 
BSP-219:00 BSP-2-9 Muñoz, MMGans Award Address: 'Constraint', a double-edged sword for evolution