SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session P21

P: Feeding Biomechanics
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Jonathan Cowart

P21  P21-1 Akinrinade, AO*; Jensen, JSRelationship between diet and gill raker morphology in Surfperches (Embiotocidae) 
P21  P21-2 Cohen, KE*; Komann, MADifferences in the histological composition of piranha and pacu lips are consequences of prey manipulation tactics  
P21  P21-3 Ortega-Jimenez, VM*; Seleb, BR; Wilson, LG; Mendelson, JR; Bhamla, SFeeding upside down: Hydrodynamics of filter-feeding in flamingos 
P21  P21-4 George, N*; Gaddam, MG; Santhanakrishnan, AFeeding currents of upside-down jellyfish: role of oral arm structure 
P21  P21-5 Potter, B*; Corrales-Ugalde, M; Townsend, JP; Colin, SP; Sutherland, KR; Costello, JH; Gemmell, BJUbiquitous yet inconspicuous: quantifying trophic impact of a widespread oceanic comb jelly (Ctenophore) 
P21  P21-6 Trainor, S; Donatelli, CM; Kolmann, MA; Summers, AP; Summers, DS*; Kruppert, SHow to eat a boxed lunch - crabs feeding on armored poachers 
P21  P21-7 Steer, KE*; Edmonds, CE; Gould, FDH; Adjerid, K; Bond, LE; German, RZ; Mayerl, CJThe impact of automated milk delivery on infant feeding performance  
P21  P21-8 Bagana, M; Danos, N*Sexual dimorphism in chameleon feeding 
P21  P21-9 MacLeod, LM*; Racy, JM; Summers, AP; Kolmann, MAFin-triguing fish: functional equivalency of jaw morphologies of fin- and scale-feeding piranhas' 
P21  P21-10 Romero, JA*; Wainwright, P; Stuart, HExperimentally decoding the forces of butterflyfish on anchored prey 
P21  P21-11 Khoriaty, M*; Kane, EJaw morphology in Poecilia reticulata does not differ in high- and low- predation environments