SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session P33

P: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics and Robotics
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Jeradi Shirine

P33  P33-1 Nguyen, KD*; Venkadesan, MFilament compliance and the perturbation response of active sarcomeres 
P33  P33-2 Ross, CD*; Meyers, RAAnatomy and muscle fiber types of kangaroo rat hindlimb muscles 
P33  P33-3 Jeradi, S*; Franz-Odendaal, TAEvaluating the effects of whole-body vibrations (WBV) on vertebrate bone development using zebrafish larvae as a model 
P33  P33-4 Shehaj, A*; Rimkus, B; Putra, C; Konow, NEffect of protein origin on skeletal muscle physiological performance 
P33  P33-5 Schwartz, RM*; Cost, INGetting a grasp on the avian tendon locking mechanism 
P33  P33-6 Manafzadeh, AR*; Gatesy, SMA coordinate-system-independent method for comparing joint rotational mobilities 
P33  P33-7 Laurence-Chasen, JD*; Manafzadeh, AR; Hatsopoulos, NG; Ross, CF; Arce-McShane, FIXROMM Tools for DeepLabCut: Bringing deep learning to XROMM marker tracking 
P33  P33-8 Parikh, AS; McInroe, BW*; Full, RJMole crab inspired robot and simulation models reveal limb scaling and coordination principles for legged burrowing 
P33  P33-9 Kabutz, HD*; Jayaram, KMorphological compliant robotic system in cluttered terrain 
P33  P33-10 Mo, A*; Izzi, F; Haeufle, DFB; Badri-Spro╠łwitz, AViscous damping in legged locomotion 
P33  P33-11 Ross, SA*; Wakeling, JMThe effects of muscle tissue inertia and series elasticity on the metabolic cost and efficiency of contraction 
P33  P33-12 Johnson, T*; Katugam, K; Dechene, I; Cox, SM; Piazza, SJ; Rubenson, JDevelpmental plasticity of locomotor economy in guinea fowl