SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session P40

P: Swimming and Flying
Day: Sat Jan 2 Chairs: Christoffer Johansson

P40  P40-1 Mehlhorn, AE*; Donatelli, CM; Hall, KCThe curious case of chimaera kinematics: gait transitions in the spotted ratfish (Hydrolagus colliei) 
P40  P40-2 Phillips, QP*; Karra, P; Minicozzi, MRA precise and cost-effective fish flume for assessing swimming performance in fishes 
P40  P40-3 Johansson, LC*; Henningsson, PButterfly flight reveals efficient propulsive clap mechanism 
P40  P40-4 Meja, B*; Notar, JC; Johnsen, SInsects go with flow: A mathematical model of induced flow and cooling during flight  
P40  P40-5 Chantarawong, N*; Byron, MLBoatmen and backswimmers and beetles, oh my: intermediate Reynolds number locomotion in aquatic insects  
P40  P40-6 Richards, CT*; Moen, DSModelling the relationship between frog morphology and swimming performance over multiple kicking cycles 
P40  P40-8 Maeda, M; Henningsson, P*Aerodynamics of manoeuvring flight in pied flycatchers (Ficedula hypoleuca) 
P40  P40-9 Harb, S*; Sawicki, G; Amplo, HE; Flammang, BEComparing the pectoral girdle and fin morphology in frogfishes 
P40  P40-10 Johnson, ML*; Danos, N; Butler , MASwimming functional morphology and performance in five ecomorphs of the direct developing Microhylidae 
P40  P40-11 Furgal, RC*; Lessios, NNThe unusual ventral light reflexes of fairy shrimp