SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session S1

Blinded By the Light: Effects of Light Pollution Across Diverse Natural Systems
Day: Mon Jan 4 - 10:15-19:00 Chairs: Meredith Kernbach

S110:15 S1-1 Ferguson, SM*; Alaasam, VJLight at night in the spotlight: an introduction to the symposium 
S110:30 S1-2 Gaston, KJ*; Ackermann, SEcological impacts of horizontal artificial nighttime light emissions 
S111:00 S1-3 Dominoni, DM*; Visser, ME; Spoelstra, KThe effects of experimental light pollution on behaviour, physiology and fitness of a wild songbird 
S111:30 S1-4 Hermans, C*; Koblitz, JC; Litovska, I; Visser, ME; Spoelstra, KEffects of artificial light at night on the spatiotemporal pattern of bats and insects 
S114:00 S1-5 Francis, CDHeterogeneity in avian responses to light pollution from a continental perspective 
S114:30 S1-6 Perkin, EK*; Wilson, MJLight waters: How anthropogenic light alters river ecosystems 
S115:00 S1-7 Hölker, F*; Kühne, JL; Jechow, A; van Grunsven, RHAImpact of different colors of artificial light at night on phototaxis in aquatic insects 
S116:00 S1-8 Injaian, AS*; Uehling, JJ; Taff, CC; Vitousek, MNExperimental investigation of the effects of artificial light at night on avian parental behavior, offspring glucocorticoids, and reproductive success 
S116:30 S1-9 Nelson, RJEffects of light at night and disrupted circadian rhythms on brain and behavior 
S117:00 S1-10 Kernbach, ME*; Martin, LB; Unnasch, TR; Hall, RJ; Jiang, RHY; Francis, CDMechanisms and mitigation: effects of light pollution on West Nile virus dynamics 
S118:00 S1-11 Miller, CR*; Vitousek, MN; Thaler, JSArtificial light at night disrupts trophic and population dynamics of lady beetles and pea aphids in cool conditions 
S118:30 S1-12 Gabor, CR*; Miner, K; Forsburg, ZALAN in freshwater vertebrates: physiology, growth, and behavioral perspectives