SICB Virtual Annual Meeting 2021
January 3 - February 28, 2021

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Session S8

The Biology of Sticky: Adhesive Silk, Fiber, and Glue Biomaterials Across Eukaryota
Day: Wed Jan 6 - 10:15-17:30 Chairs: Mercedes Burns

S810:15 S8-1 Burns, M*; Stellwagen, SDThe ties that stick: an introduction to sticky biomaterials 
S810:30 S8-2 Wolff, JOSticky predator-prey interactions: The ecology of adhesive secretions in arachnids 
S811:00 S8-3 Noel, ACCharacterizing frog tongue stickiness and other reversible adhesive mechanisms 
S811:30 S8-4 Blackledge, TA*; Alicea, A; Onyak, A; Htut, K; Singla, S; Dhinojwala, AViscid spider silk shows robust adhesion on varied natural surfaces 
S814:00 S8-5 Piorkowski, DThe hidden roles of silk fibers during adhesion in arthropod capture threads 
S814:30 S8-6 Ayoub, NA*; Friend, K; Hayashi, CY; Opell, BDMolecular correlates of spider aqueous glue mechanics 
S815:00 S8-7 Stellwagen, SD*; Burns, MThe genetics of sticky: comparing glue sequences across multicellular eukaryota 
S816:00 S8-8 Smith, AMAdhesion with tough gels: inspiration from the sticky defensive secretions of dusky slugs 
S816:30 S8-9 Kang, V*; Federle, WIt’s a trap! How sticky fluids help carnivorous plants catch insect prey 
S817:00 S8-10 Yang, S*; Jolly, J; Cho, H; Wu, G; Fortoul, N; He, Z; Gao, Y; Jagota, ASnail epiphragm inspired intrinsically reversible superglues