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  • SICB Research and Education Resources (RER)
    Selected Educational and Research Resources by SICB Members.

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    Listings of recently posted courses and workshops.

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    Links to field stations around the world.

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  • Administration, Contacts & Handbooks
    Administrative resources for officers and committees including officer duties, committee responsibilities, and contact lists.

  • Archive
    This archive contains various documents and information on past activities of the SICB.

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    A calendar of events associated with the administration of the SICB.

  • Career Information
    Being a biologist can be a fulfilling and exciting profession provided your own personal goals, talents, and interests match the activities of biologists. The information on these pages provides general career information for a variety of interests and careers in biology. Explore this area and discover the diversity of biology. Also learn about job interviews.

  • Committees & Appointments
    The Executive Committee, the Standing Committees, and several Temporary Committees are responsible for much of the work of the society. Committee memberships, responsibilities, and reports are found here.

  • Constitution & Bylaws
    The governing documents of SICB.

  • Elections
    Election schedules, election reports, candidates for past SICB and divisional elections, and other relevant information is found here.

  • External Grant and Fellowship Opportunities for Students and Postdocs - extensive listing for SICB members only.

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    Listings of recently posted jobs and fellowships.

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    Logos and other SICB image files.

  • Member Surveys
    Executive summaries of member survey results.

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    Various items can be purchased from SICB.

  • Minutes of Business Meetings
    The minutes of the annual SICB business meetings are posted here.

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    Internal SICB policies as established by the Executive Committee are posted here.

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    Talks, lectures, workshops and other presentation materials that members will find useful.

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    Positions adopted by the Society.

  • Symposium Proposal Guidelines