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SICB Spring 2007 Newsletter
Professor Knut Schmidt-Nielsen (1915-2007)
Comparative Biology Loses Another Giant
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Experiences in Integrative and Comparative Biology
SICB members like a good story about an expedition, a field experience, a lab experiment, or another researcher! Here is the second installment, featuring SICB Treasurer Ron Dimock and SICB Program Officer Linda Walters.
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2007 Elections
SICB-wide candidates and their biographies. (Divisional candidates for 2007 Elections are listed under the individual divisions)
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Message from the President
I intend to focus on four objectives during my term as President: 1) increasing ethnic diversity, 2) increasing the international character of our society, 3) expanding our scope, especially to include more plant scientists, and 4) addressing the re-emergence of faith-based thinking as it encroaches into science and an enlightened worldview.
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Message from the Treasurer
  • Executive Committee passes budgets for 2007 and 2008, attempts to reduce the deficit spending
  • New endowment fund for symposia off to great start
  • Investment pays off
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Message from the Program Officer
If you are interested in submitting a topic for late-breaking symposia for the 2008 meeting in San Antonio, please have ready a title for the symposia and a list of 4-7 speakers who have committed to presenting.
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Message from the Secretary
The SICB Website is being overhauled. You can get a preview of the new "look" by going to http://new.sicb.org/
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